Whitmor wire storage cubes

Whitmor modular storage cubes is one our best selling items in the online store. Along with Jetmax storage cubes, Whitmor has been making customers happy with their high quality build and reasonable pricing. If you are looking to buy some inexpensive modular cubes, whitmor would be a good choice. We have worked with our sponsor Amazon to include Whitmor as one of the major brands that our store is selling. For the best selection and the lowest pricing, visit our store to see more of their products.

Whitmor 6056-344-N Supreme Cart

whitmor wire storage cubesWhitmor provides a wide range of offerings to their customers from office supplies to various types of storage system. Their top selling item is Whitmor 6056-344-N Supreme Cart, Chrome which is great for office storage. The chrome gives the cart an elegant and contemporary look while providing a solid and durable framework to hold the cart together. The shelves are quite flexible as you are able to rearrange them according to the kind of height that you need for your storage space. They also come with wheels for better mobility and the ease of moving the storage units around.

In terms of installing, the supreme cart is easy to install with an step by step instruction manual attached to the packaging. Once installed, it can be used for many storage purposes including for party events where it can be used to hold paper plates, napkins, papercups, tableclothes, favors, big bowls and bottles of soda and wine etc. Overall, it is very sturdy cart and I have no worries in recommending it to you.

Whitmor 4 Storage Cubes

whitmor wire storage cubes

Besides this product, another very popular storage cube is the whitmor 4 storage cubes. These cubes are very flexible in the kind of things that people used them for. Besides the usual storage of files, books, records etc, there have been some very creative uses as poeple used them as rabiit cages for example or as artist portfolio holder. Whatever your need, these cubes are very need to configure and can be used for any purposes you can think of .

If you like this product and want to find out more, simply click on the image to your left to see the prices and if there are any sales or offers currently offered. There are also more product information if you want them as well.

Installing the 4 storage cubes are easy. If you worry about the stability of the cubes, you can reinforce the connectors with clips to hold the pieces together.

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