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We have include many new models of shoe storage for your shopping pleasure. This new batch of storage solutions has a number of different shoe storage ideas. The good thing is that we have selected only the best quality and the cheapest shoe storage from our supplier Amazon. Through amazon, we are able to stock up on different brands including Target, Rubbermaid, Whitmor, Coaster etc. If you looking to cheap shoe storage, then our online store will be the right place for you. If you see any product that you like further information or to see the price, simply click on the link or the image to go to our Amazon store.

shoe storage bench


Here are some of the best selling shoe storage solutions that you can find in our Amazon store. It includes different type so storage furniture including cabinets, racks, benches, closets etc. Please take your time to browse through all the items so that you can find the right one at the lowest price possible.

Shoe storage cabinet

shoe storage cabinetThis is one of the best selling item on Amazon if you are looking for shoe storage cabinet or cupboards. This particular model can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes, although it will problems with size 11 and beyond.  For larger sized shows, this model can probable take up to 8-9 pairs of shoes. The material is made from cherry finish melamine wood. Hence, if you are looking for a cherry red shoe storage cabinet, this model will be perfect for you.


The good news is that we are offering a very cheap deal for this model. If you click on the link and buy now, you will be entitled to a 70% discount off what you would get for the regular price. Hence, if you want to know where to buy cheap shoe storage cabinet, our Amazon store will be the perfect place to get these discounted prices.

Shoe Storage Bench

shoe storage benchFor those looking to buy shoe storage bench then this is the right model for you. What you are looking at is one of the best rated shoe storage bench in Amazon. Over 23 people have bought this product and have found it to be very good.


This model is made from quality wood that will give you a longer shelf life for the usage of this bench. It is made by the good folks at Furnituremaxx. The good thing is that you get to sit down and wear your shoes. These shoe storage benches are very sturdy and fully support up to 200 pounds of weight. In terms of installation, it is easy to get the shoe storage bench up and running.

This model is great for a small room or apartment as it doesn’t take up much price. So, for those looking for benches with shoe storage, simply click on the image or the link above to read more information and to compare prices as well.

Shoe Storage Boxes

shoe storage boxesFor those who want a different to protect their shoes on top of just leaving them inside the shoe storage cabinets or benches, these shoe storage boxes are a must. The good thing about these boxes is that they open up on the front and back, rather than at the top. This makes it easy to retrieve any of the shoes fairly easily.


These boxes are made from durable polypropylene. This can help to keep the shoes well ventilated and mold free whenever you are not wearing them. In fact, they can also be used to store other forms of fashion accessories such as handbags, belts.

Each of these shoe storage boxes comes in sets of 10. If you buy them now from Amazon, you will qualified for the free shipping if you are living int he US. If you are staying in the UK, Canada or other parts of the world, i am afraid you will not qualified for the free shipping.

Under Bed Shoe Storage

underbed shoe storageThis is one of the smartest use of space as it makes use of the empty area under your bed to store your shoes. This particular model is one of the cost effective and top rated underbed shoe storage units. While there is nothing fancy about it, it performs the job well. However do note it is not suitable if you have shoes that larger than size 10.


Currently, this under the bed shoe storage from Promart is on sale. You can enjoy the 7% discount if you click on the image or the link to go to Amazon now. The offer will be on forever so be quick if you want to save some money for the upcoming holidays.

In terms of material, this is a fabric shoe storage which explains its lower price when compared to other models.

The canvas surrounding the shoe storage is pretty nice so even if it sticks out under the bed, it will not be an ugly sight. This is a beige shoe storage so it will complement well with almost any other color theme in your home.

Shoe Storage Racks

whitmor shoe storage rackThis is Whitmor shoe storage rack. It comes in a beautiful white that can complement any kind of color theme that you might have in your home. The good news is that we are offering this at a discount of 33%. If you want to take advantage of this sale, either click on the image to your left and the link below.


This rack can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes, which is simply amazing. This means that with one purchase, you can forget about buying multiple shoe storage racks.

In terms of installation, it needs only about 10 minutes of your time. Anyway, don’t trust our word for it. Amazon has 36 reviews on this product, with the majority of them giving the product a 4 to 5 star reviews. Hence, if you are looking for a hanging shoe storage rack, this white colored item will be to your liking.

Colored Shoe Storage

The above models shows some of the different designs that you can consider for shoe storage. Besides shape, there are also different colors to choose from. The most common is white and brown shoe storage, which you can buy from the models above. If you are looking to buy unique colors such as gold, silver, pink etc.

In terms of materials, there is a wide selection to choose from as well. The most common is of course wooden shoe storage which you can buy above. The least common ones are those are made of chrome, brushed steel, crystal etc.

Pink Shoe Storage

pink shoe storageThis is pink shoe cubby from the company storage solutions. There were 18 reviews on this product and most of them are positive.


The cubby itself is extremely sturdy despite the fact it is quite lightweight. Shoes will stay inside the cubby without any worry of it slipping out.

The only downside is the installation. Some people have found the installation to be a bit of a problem. One of the advice given is that you need to wear gloves during the installation as you need to exert a certain force on the joints to set up the pink shoe cubby.

Other than that, this is pretty good piece of storage solution for your home. The pink color makes this model an ideal shoe storage for girls and even kids.

Gold Shoe Storage

gold shoe storageThis is unique gold shoe storage solution. The model is called a three tier revolving shoe tree and is made by a company called Household Essentials. While the design might seem strange, people who bought it have given it great reviews. The good thing is that this item is also on sale


This shoe tree is good for 18 pairs of shoes. However, it is for ideal for ladies heels rather than large size mens’ boots.

The entire model is made from bronze material and gives off a nice metallic color. In terms of quality, it is sturdy and can help to keep it stable. If you have a room full of kids’ shoes, this shoe tree will share you hours of cleaning up. The entire design also makes retrieval of the shoes very easy.

Bamboo Shoe Storage

bamboo shoe storageFor the more environmentally consciousness, this shoe storage made of bamboo will be a good choice. This is because bamboo is a resource that can be easily replenished, making it a renewable resource. This model is from Honey Can Do and can hold between 9 to 12 pairs of shoes.


Most buyers like the bamboo material because it gives off a nice texture to the home. In addition, it can be used outside the home as well because bamboo is weather resistant and withstand heavy rain or strong heat from the sun.

Currently, this model qualifies for free shipping so if you want to save money, click on the image or the links above.

Chrome Shoe Storage

chrome shoe storageAnother popular material is chrome shoe storage. It is made by Organize It All. Currently, it is offered at 37%, which will give you one of the lowest price you can find anywhere.


The good thing about chrome is that the dust will fall off the shoe rack quite easily, making it easy to maintain. The wooden frame is also rather sturdy, which complements the strong chrome material very well.

If you have a hardwood flooring, this shoe storage will complement the decor very well also.

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