Shoe Storage White

Storage of shoe is never enough. The only solution to that is to stop buying shoes but it is always desirable to have a good collection of shoes. Shoes are like clothes, it comes in different colors shoes, different theme to match your colors and different functions for different occasions. A nice collection of clothes will be incomplete without a nice collection of shoes. Shoe storage is as important as clothes storage as to speak.

4D Concepts Deluxe Double Shoe Cabinet WhiteDeluxe White Shoe Storage

This perfect Deluxe white shoe storage is a great solution for your shoes needs. It comes in a double tier cabinet and it is well decorated with shaped vacuum formed fronts (11.3 x 29.3 x 34.2 inches). With curved pewter colored handle, it is very easy to open and the 2-drawers pivot open on a uniquely designed plastic bracket to 3 fixed shelves. The deluxe storage has a maximum storage of up to 24 pairs of shoes. The material is made up of composite board and highly durable PVC laminate. Easy maintenance is easy by using a dry non abrasive cloth.


Shoe storage solutions have many types and size. One of my favorite collections of shoe storage is white shoe storage. White colored storage is like a showcase for your shoes, just like in retail shoes and they are backed with strong lights to bring out the delicate features, colours and details of your shoes.

Entryway Shoe Storage Bench White

White Shoe Storage Bench

This shoe storage bench in white finish can double as a table top to place your display items too(48″W x 16″D x 24″H inches). This shoe storage is an open concept that you can view all your shoes from outside without opening any doors. It is pretty neat with a square opening and compact in storage design. You can even sit onto it while slipping into the shoes.


An important setback about shoe storage white is the maintenance of the white, which can be easily tainted by any dust or dirt from the shoes. Do take good care of white shoe storage and you will have a very nice showcase of your nice shoe collection.

ClosetMaid 15-Cube Laminate Shoe CubeWhite Shoe Storage 3×5

The white shoe storage beside is a very cube and simple storage for your shoes. Design is similar to the above but has more storage slots for your larger shoe collections. It comes in the size of 24 x 12 x 31 inches. It can also be used to store other items like display, books etc. It comes in many other colors that you can choose from. Assembly is very easy and can be done by kids too.


Another important factor on shoe storage is the shoe protection that it can offer. I will usually choose a closet that can close and prevent the dust from going in and accumulate.

Not only it wards off the dust, it also helps to maintain a cool environment for the precious shoes from the fluctuating heat of the home. Choosing a nice shoe closet to match your home furniture can be a challenge too. White shoe storage is always every easily to match most furniture and can be easily painted to suit any color in the home.

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