Safco wire cube

One of the more popular models in our modular storage cubes store is the Safoc wire cube. It is a durable and flexible piece of storage system that would increase your storage space and make your home or office more tidy. One of the biggest advantage of safco cubes is their ability to be configure into different storage system. You can arrange them into either 4 or 5 piece set with additional grids if you need more stroage. The whole system comes with wire modular connectors that can let you install the wire shelving quite easily. Its wire mesh material allows you to easily see what are the items you have store and make your search more effective. The wired material also means that there will be less dust accumulation as the holes will allow the dust to pass through.

There are other benefits of the safco wire cubes as well.

One of the unexpected uses for this product is as a gate to keep young children or pets out of areas that you don’t want to stray to. For example, some of our customers have keep this in their balcony by fastening the wire mesh to the top of the balacony. This will prevent them from falling down.

How to install a Safco wire cube

Installation for this product is very straight forward. There are detailed manuel instructions contained in the packaging that can offers you a step by step process of how to install the wire shelving. What you need is to do piece the wire mesh togather using conenctors. Once thati si done, use some clips that are provided and clip them on to make sure they don’t fall apart. Some people might complaint that wire cubes fall apart easily but I think that is because they didn’t install the cubes properly.

Cheap Safco wire cube

Safco wire cubesSafco might not be as well known as Whitmor or Jetmax modular storage cubes but they are just as solid and durable. Prices wise, they are just as competitive and affordable. The good news now is that our store is offering a super discount for this product. With more 30% in discounts, this is one of the most value for money product in our store. If you like to read more customer reviews or simply to buy the product, just click onteh image to your left and it will take you to our sponsor’s page. As I said, such sale don’t come often and if you are looking for something cheap, this is an opportunity not to be missed for modular storage cubes.

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