Red storage cubes

We carry a wide range of red storage cubes for people looking to such colorful storage cubes.These type of color is great to help contrast a monotone colored home decor. If you have a home that is pure white, grey or black color, having a red color storage cube can add wonders in terms of color contrasting. We have selected some of the cheapest and best quality red storage modular cubes for you to choose from:

red storage cubesThis beautiful piece of storage cubes comes the designer furniture store called Way Basics. The cubes they have been producing are always stylish and fit well into a modern home. They are also quite functional, being able to be used in bedrooms as bookshelves, as bedside table or as a child toy box.

The fact that it comes in a pair opens ups other ways of using them. For example, you can use them as lamp tables, putting them one at each table. You can also use them as magazine shelves in your living room as they fit well beside your couch.

This product is also eco friendly. The wooden sides are made of recycled materials but do not comprise on the strength and the quality of the storage cubes. For this model, no nails are used. All the board are joint together using powerful adhesive that will ensure that the product can be used for quite sometime to come.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the upcoming increased in our product range. Due to popular demand, we will be adding mini storage cubes to our collection. This is to accommodate students in dorms or singles staying in small apartments. The mini storage cubes will come in handy for them. We will also be adding more colors to our range include brown storage cubes and blue storage cubes.

We are increasing the brands that we are carrying. Currently, you can find Jetmax storage cubes and whitmor storage cubes in our online store. Next month, we will be adding Damasek storage cubes to these two brands.

In our next announcement, watch out for special discounts that we will be offering for two types of storage cubes. One is the rolling storage cubes. These are normal cube but comes with wheels so that you can roll them about. The other model is the collapsable storage cubes. These cubes can be packed away if you do not need so much storage space.

Have fun browsing in our modular storage cubes store.

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