Lifetime Modular Storage Cabinet


Lifetime Modular Storage Cabinet 1Now the way you store and access goods in your houses and office will change forever. Having its headquarters in Clearfield, Utah-the private company Lifetime has come up with an indigenous solution regarding your storage needs. Lifetime products already has an excellent record in production of high-quality polyethylene storage materials like folded cabinets, chairs, storage sheds and tables. Now it has come up with a unique product from its ilk of natural cabinet extensions. It is called the Lifetime modular storage cabinet. Reports from William Mahoney- the product manager of the retail chain, has confirmed that the product is now readily available in the market. It is also available in online forums like and – Lifetime Modular Storage Cabinet

About Lifetime Modular Storage Cabinet

  • It has a modular design and is made of reinforced durable steel which makes it tough and crack proof.

  • It is durable and has heavy duty sturdy body which makes it congenial for commercial storage needs and residential storage purposes. It can also be used in myriad ways in offices.

  • It has sturdy interlocking doors made out of steel which provide good security. The doors are also user friendly as they can open 180 degrees and are hence easily accessible for storage.

  • It is spacious and has an internal capacity of 9.4 cubic feet. You can assemble it in your own way.

  • It has also got adjustable shelves which are made of Reinforced steel and have a holding capacity of 150 pounds when it is standing and 75 pounds when it is hung freely on a wall respectively.

  • It is also crack proof and is well protected from UV ray effects.

  • Lastly pertaining to the international standards maintained by the mother company, the product exceeds BIFMA furniture standards and comes with a limited warranty of 10 years.

Lifetime Modular Storage Cabinet 2


  • One can use the Lifetime modular storage cabinet in more than one ways. You can connect it side by side and use it as a base cabinet, or, you can set up them in a vertical fashion and interlock them so that it can be configured as a stacking storage cabinet. In whatever way you use it, you can readily create customised space-saving storage areas. It is an innovative new product from the stables of one of the largest manufacturers in the world.


Lifetime Modular Storage Cabinet 3One reprimands one’s mistake in the course of time. Choosing the most authentic modes of communications to draw oneself to the furniture stores should be the primary objective of life. The online shops which are lure the crowd from various sects and having various genres. The lifetime modular cabinets have a plethora of good parts. The suites are manufactured in such a way that the furniture is protected from UV rays and crack proofs and efficient maintenance of exquisite BIFMA furniture standards. The efficiency of Lifetime modular storage cabinet are rising to a pinnacle and hence teeming thousands are getting lured to the range of designer storage suites with every passing month.

So grab the opportunity and order the sample product that’s convenient for u right now!

Christmas Storage Boxes for Ornaments

Christmas is around the corner and getting a good Christmas Storage Box is important to keep your Christmas ornaments safe and nice too. It is very important to have a big and good storage box to protect the christmas decoration in good condition for the next christmas to come which will be another year. Keeping things for a year can often lead to item lost and thus it will be good to spend abit of money to get few big and noticeable christmas storage boxes.

whitmor christmas storage box

>>Whitmor Christmas Ornament Storage Box<<

Below is a matching Whitmor Christmas Tree Storage Bag. Getting a nice matching storage solution adds to the beauty of your home decoration. This bag helps you maintain your artificial tree clean and protected when not in use. It is made of strong polypropylene and can be used for storing other Christmas accessories. Getting the matching bright red color makes it easy to find and furthermore, it is easy to carry

Whitmor Christmas Tree Storage


Last but not least, you will need a proper sorting Christmas Sorting Box that can provide storage up to 45 ornaments and it is made in matching Fashion Red Color Fabric with contrasting trim. You can interchange the Cardboard dividers to store wrapping paper, bows, ribbons or ornaments. Comes with convenient handle and ID holder and as easy as the above storage solution, it is easy to assemble.

Whitmor Christmas Storage Boxes

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Modular Storage Cubes

With modular storage cubes, storage can be eye-catching, stylish, and organized. Storage areas in a home are usually banished to closet, seats, containers, and any position where debris can be put swiftly to keep the home clear. Open safe-keeping ice creates a convenient position for guides, pictures, and memorabilia to be viewed in. The models are created in an countless variety of materials, from reused bamboo restored from the waste left over in plants, to line safe-keeping that offers the most exposure for simple acceptance of saved things.The decision on what  cubes to use depends on what is being saved, and how it fits in with the established style of the home.

way basic eco modular storage cubes


Modular Storage Cubes

Modular storage cubes are a flexible storage of present solution. Flip storage systems are designed to provide start and dark storage with door access, and can be reconfigured swiftly. This variety allows for a fast change in the style and décor to suit the choices of the owner, or to provide new things for present storage.Well created modular models are very durable, but for a variety of guides or heavy things, in some measure dark safe-keeping storage offer the best steadiness.

Foremost modular 5-in-1 shelf storage cube


Jetmax Modular Storage  Cubes

Build a unique storage program with mix and coordinate modular storage cubes. The cubes are constructed of durable, excellent MDF fiberboard with a simple to clear white lacquer finish. They are easy to set up. The detachable shelves and storage cubes provide  added variety. This storage program is ideal for scrapbook and card generating supplies and equipments.

Foremost 327701 Modular Storage Cubes


Modular Cubes for Storage

If you are looking to get your debris under control, check out the wonderful solutions available using modular cubes. Whether you need to manage better at your workplace or the home, modular storage cubes are an eye-catching and affordable option. In an workplace, the cubes can be loaded and established for use with directory information. What creates the modular cubes for storage great in a workplace is that the cubes allows to move the structure from one location to another. With a lot of colours to choose from, modular storage cubes helps to make any kind of needs that may take place in any position of the home.

Modular Wooden Storage Cubes:

Plastic cubes are okay for a clothing position, kid’s bedroom and rooms away from public view. However, when you want a more grown-up look, nothing sounds wood ice. Wooden cubes look more like furniture. They have variety and features and provide way of solutions for storage. By generating the cubes yourself, you can change the color of the cubes to coordinate your décor.

Modular Desk with 2 Storage Cubes:

These modular desks are needed in home as well as in workplace in modern age due to save the space. Modular desks are basically wood based. In keeping mind to save the space in a small area it becomes very needful to us.

Kids Toy Storage

As we all know, kids have products to have fun with and sometimes learn. When products come in a selection of designs, all of them can’t be fit into frequent containers as well. You can’t keep purchasing new safe-keeping for the differing age of your kids, so you have to discover the ideas by which you can solve the problem.

Kids Toy Storage Room Ideas

You can take ideas from some of these toy safe-keeping thoughts. Here are some resourceful yet effective toy safe-keeping thoughts which you can use.

Kids Toys Storage - RiverRidge Kids 6 Bin

Kids Toy Storage Units

How to get all your kids toys in one position where it is readily available and doesn’t look unpleasant? They are nothing but wooden or plastic containers kept on each display to provide your kid’s toys. They are very consistently established to present a newly made look and can be kept in any preferred position. The goal of the toy storage unit is to keep all the products in one position so they don’t get shed and can be established in a purchased approach.


Kids Room Toy Storage

Kids Toy Storage - Tot Tutors TB816


Planning for the safe-keeping understanding in children’s rooms may sometimes confirm to be a complicated process. Toys or models existing around are a frequent look. First, you need to think about the items that will be used consistently. Toys are the first and major items. Besides, there are certain outfits that may be necessary for typical shifting. Shelves would help you to deal with these items and keep it without much stress. Shelves can carry all the products and other items which has frequent necessity.

Kids Toy Storage Bins

Kids Toy Storage - Sling Bookshelf Storage Bin


you need to guarantee that the toy storage bin is not too tiny nor too big for your kid’s toy selection. It is always better to take a look at the variety and size of products that your kid has. It is very unlikely that all the products at house are going to be of the same sizes. Hence looking for a toy storage bin that has a variety of tiny, moderate and big containers can be ideal for your kids.

Kids Toy Storage Furniture

Kids Toy Storage - Kids Toy Boxes

Preferably you have to choose a toy storage furniture that is created of long lasting substance. In situation of storage of light-weight and smooth cute products, you can have toy storage furniture made of smooth materials. In situation of heavy products like cars, trains toy storage furniture must made of long lasting materials like wood or even steel.